Writing A Long, Yet Attention-Retaining Statement of Purpose (SOP)

Thumb Rule:

Personal life events, somewhat unrelated to your academic life, should go into your PS (Personal Statement)
Personal life events related to your academic life should go into your SOP (Statement of Purpose)

A Small, Yet Super-Powerful Caveat:

Prioritizing One’s Motive:

A snippet of my short PS/SOP

Prioritizing One’s Life-Story:

A snippet of my long PS/SOP

Personal Opinion:

Some SOP-hacks:

[1] Try Avoiding Negative Words/Sentences:

[2] Include Causal Relationships:

[3] Don’t Overflow Your SOP With Details:

[4] Include Short-Duration Incidents/Motivators:

Inspiration towards research

[5] Mention Both Long-term and Short-term Goals:

Mentioning goals

Finishing with a Stunner:

The epilogue of my UC Merced Statement of Purpose
The epilogue of my UC Merced Personal Statement



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